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The Virtual Keyboard:
Protect against keyloggers and trojans

Use the built-in virtual keyboard and enter passwords without the fear that it will be caught by a key logger software or trojan.

The Virtual Keyboard in east-tec SafeBit

Virtual Keyboard

A keylogger is an application that reads all your keystrokes from your keyboard, being able to intercept and steal your password. Trojans and malicious programs that almost always log keys, as well as many other things.

east-tec SafeBit offers you a unique way to enter passwords without the fear that it will be captured by a key logger software or a trojan. The Virtual Keyboard should be used to prevent any key logger software, spyware, trojan or virus from stealing your passwords.

You can just type the password manually or open the Virtual Keyboard by clicking the button anywhere you’re asked to enter a password (when creating a safe, opening a safe, or changing the properties of a safe, etc.)

The virtual keyboard should be used by clicking the buttons with your mouse. For even greater protection you can shuffle the keys.