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Disk Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide Any Folder With Safebit

Disk Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide Any Folder With Safebit

  • On-the-fly, military-strength disk encryption
  • Safeguard data on your PC, or in the cloud
  • USB keys & Flash Memory Cards as Keys
  • Protection against KeyLoggers
  • Keep away viruses and trojans
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Laptop Anti Theft Software

Laptop Anti Theft Software

How can users prevent laptop theft when they are traveling or when they are working in many places? You have to think about it seriously if you want to buy or if you have a laptop. Laptop theft is such a high risk, that you should not consider "if it happens", but rather "what would I lose if that happens", and "how can I minimize the damage".

Laptop theft is growing fast, representing a staggering 57% of all stolen information. Putting a laptop anti theft software in place is a must for the individual and the business who use laptops on a daily basis.

Many methods to protect the data and to prevent laptop theft have been developed, including alarms, laptop locks, and visual deterrents.

If you want to prevent laptop theft keep your laptop in an inconspicuous case. Flashy cases expose your computer by attracting thieves' attention. When using a laptop for meetings or conferences, always keep it in your sight and don't forget to take the laptop with you.

Laptop theft can happen anywhere, anytime. The best solution to protect yourself is to install an anti theft software like east-tec SafeBit and encrypt all your confidential files. Keep them encrypted all the time so in case of a laptop theft, your important files cannot be used by anyone else but you. east-tec SafeBit will create virtual encrypted vaults where you can place your files, and keep them encrypted all the time. When you work with the files you will have to know the password to open the vault. When you leave your computer east-tec SafeBit determines the computer is idle and will close the safe automatically, protecting you against data theft that doesn't even have to be an actual hardware theft. east-tec SafeBit uses strong encryption algorithms like AES so even in case of a hard-drive theft it will be practically impossible to break it using a brute-force password attack.