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Disk Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide Any Folder With Safebit

Disk Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide Any Folder With Safebit

  • On-the-fly, military-strength disk encryption
  • Safeguard data on your PC, or in the cloud
  • USB keys & Flash Memory Cards as Keys
  • Protection against KeyLoggers
  • Keep away viruses and trojans
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Hide Folders with east-tec SafeBit

Hide Folders with east-tec SafeBit

We all need to regularly work with sensitive files that are stored in folders on our computers. Protecting their secrecy from prying eyes is our utmost priority for identity and data theft can have severe consequences ranging from financial loss, through irreparable damage of business reputation. So the inevitable question comes up in our minds sooner or later: How to securely encrypt and hide folders?

Realizing the challenge today's advanced hacking techniques pose and how limited time PC users have for learning the application of advanced security programs, east-tec SafeBit was designed to offer you the effortless and bulletproof way to protect folders of sensitive data from unauthorized parties.

What is the secure way east-tec SafeBit offers to hide folders?

east-tec SafeBit offers a double shield of protection for your sensitive data folders: It creates virtual drives (Safes) and doesn't only encrypt any folder you place into them on-the-fly using the most advanced algorithms, but makes a Safe, with your folders in it, invisible once you close it. How does the software do that? Given that a Safe is a virtual, not a physical drive, when you close a Safe, east-tec SafeBit informs Windows that there is no such drive on the computer. This is the best way to hide folders, because no unauthorized parties will be able find your Safe or even know about its very existence.

In what privacy scenarios can I use east-tec SafeBit to hide folders?

First of all, it protects your confidential data from hackers. Even if they manage to access your computer, they won't find your closed Safe in Windows Explorer, because it won't show it in its directory. The same goes for the case if you share a home or work PC with others: You don't need to worry anymore that your kids might find your sensitive folders, or what happens if your co-workers snoop around when you are not there. As long as you keep your Safe closed they just won't know it exists. east-tec SafeBit also offers your data full protection if your laptop gets stolen, or lost, keeping your folders well hidden from prying eyes.