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Disk Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide any Folder with east-tec SafeBit

●   On-the-fly, military-strength disk encryption
●   Safeguard data on your PC, or in the cloud
●   USB keys & Flash Memory Cards as Keys
●   Protection against KeyLoggers
●   Keep away viruses and trojans

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Protection against viruses and trojans

  • Protection against viruses and trojans
  • Improves the security offered by an antivirus by protecting your important files against online and inside threats. What if a trojan gets inside your system and sends out your top secret files? Don’t panic, while your confidential documents are stored into an encrypted closed vault, viruses, trojans and hackers will not have access to your important files and therefore they will NOT be able to infect your confidential files. This makes east-tec SafeBit the last line of defense if your current security system fails against viruses.