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Disk Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide any Folder with east-tec SafeBit

Disk Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide any Folder with east-tec SafeBit

  • On-the-fly, military-strength disk encryption
  • Safeguard data on your PC, or in the cloud
  • USB keys & Flash Memory Cards as Keys
  • Protection against KeyLoggers
  • Keep away viruses and trojans
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On-the-fly encryption

On-the-fly encryption

All the files and folders placed inside a safe are encrypted on-the-fly with east-tec SafeBit. On-the-fly encryption means that data is automatically encrypted right before it is saved and decrypted right after it is loaded, without any user intervention. The user will not be aware of the mechanism behind it,being fully transparent to the user, giving the look and feel of another hard drive. Live encryption, on-the-fly encryption, transparent encryption, real-time encryption… Different names, for the same concept, used by east-tec SafeBit to give simplicity and efficiency to the encryption process. One of the major advantages that a live-encryption program as east-tec SafeBit has over a classic file encryption program is that you don't have to remember to re-encrypt the files you work with after you're done. east-tec SafeBit does this for you. Live-encryption programs are the next generation of encryption programs.

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