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Disk Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide any Folder with east-tec SafeBit

●   On-the-fly, military-strength disk encryption
●   Safeguard data on your PC, or in the cloud
●   USB keys & Flash Memory Cards as Keys
●   Protection against KeyLoggers
●   Keep away viruses and trojans

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Military-strength encryption algorithm

  • Military-strength encryption algorithm
  • east-tec SafeBit uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), also known as Rijndael, with a key size of 256-bit. AES, adopted by the U.S. Government as the official encryption standard for governmental institutions, gives enough protection for both personal and business applications. Nothing can crack the strong AES encryption east-tec SafeBit uses, so you can sleep without worries knowing that your files are protected at a military strength. Either you are working in a multi-user environment, or if your computer is supervised by someone, east-tec SafeBit will give you the privacy you want in the easiest way possible.