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AES Encryption Software:
Encrypt Files with east-tec SafeBit

east-tec SafeBit implements the 256-bit AES Encryption algorithm, one of the fastest and most secure algorithms, offering the best security for both personal files and business documents.

AES Encryption Software

AES Encryption Software

When you are using encryption software to protect your documents you are usually offered several encryption algorithms. Make sure you are using public algorithms, that have been audited and approved by the experts and therefore considered to be strong encryption algorithms.

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), also known as Rijndael, is a very fast public encryption algorithm for widely used for securing sensitive documents. It was adopted as an encryption standard by the U.S. Government, to replace the old DES encryption standard. As a likely consequence, AES-256 became the standard for encryption software in the private sector.

east-tec SafeBit is a strong encryption software because it uses AES as the main encryption algorithm. For best security, east-tec SafeBit implements the maximum key size of 256-bit.

AES encryption software gives you the insurance that nobody can crack or steal your confidential files, not even governmental agencies.

Make sure that nobody can reach to your secret personal or business documents, by using a strong AES encryption software like east-tec SafeBit.