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Republica.com: ISeePass is a multi-platform and multi-browser solution

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The only drawback of more secure passwords is that their length and difficulty are greater, which also complicates entering them without being able to see them since, as we know, a widely used security measure consists of showing characters in password fields as asterisks to prevent someone sitting next to us from viewing them.

It is a bookmarklet, so we are dealing with a multi-platform and multi-browser solution that will allow us to show the characters of password fields or hide them with a single click.

Then the use is very simple, and when we find ourselves in a place where we know for sure that we prefer to see all the characters as we use them, we just have to click on the bookmark with the ISeePass bookmarklet, and we will see that when entering the password, we can see all the letters and characters that are part of it. Then, once we have finished, we can click on the bookmarklet again to leave things as they were (that is, with the usual asterisks).

(translated from Spanish)