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east-tec InvisibleSecrets Featured in UPI's TEKKOM Article on Forensic Steganography

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We are pleased to share that our product, east-tec InvisibleSecrets, was featured in an article on the TEKKOM website. TEKKOM is the Computer Engineering Study Program of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), a highly respected university in Indonesia known for its focus on innovation and technology. The article "Getting to Know Forensic Steganography Better" provides a detailed exploration of the technique of forensic steganography, which involves hiding confidential data within other data.

The article highlights east-tec InvisibleSecrets as a tool for hiding and encrypting sensitive data within various types of files, including images, audio, and HTML. The article explains that our product can be used for steganography, which involves hiding secret data within other data. The article goes into detail about forensic steganography and the different ways it can be used. It explains that forensic steganography is a technique used in digital forensics that involves hiding data in a way that only the sender or intended recipient can understand. The article notes that several tools are available for forensic steganography, including our product.

One quote from the original article states: "Steganography is a technique for hiding secret data in such a way that the message will only be known by the sender or, if necessary, the recipient of the secret message, with the condition that the sender provides a way to open the data. ... The advantage of Steganography over Cryptography is that the messages will not attract attention and will not arouse suspicion".

According to another quote from the article, "with Invisible Secrets, files can be hidden within image, audio, and HTML files. Besides data hiding, the tool has other capabilities such as email encryption, password manager, file shredder, application locker, IP-IP password transfer, cryptoboard, and more."

At East-Tec, we are grateful that our product was featured on the website of a respected institution like UPI. Overall, we believe that this article helps to raise awareness about the importance of digital privacy and security, and we are proud to be a part of that conversation.