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File Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide Files With Invisiblesecrets

File Encryption Software: Encrypt & Hide Files With Invisiblesecrets

  • Hide files and sensitive data into innocent files
  • Encrypt file and folder structures
  • Securely password protect any application
  • Password manager and generator
  • Email encryption software
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Version History

Version 4.8

  • East-Tec rebranding
  • Small tweaks

Version 4.7

  • Windows 7 compatibility
  • Shell context menu update for 64-bit Windows versions

Version 4.6

  • Windows Vista compatibility
  • Activation system for better protection against piracy

Version 4.5

  • InvisibleSecrets can be installed on removable devices (such as USB sticks) and executed on any computer. There are some limitations in functionality

Version 4.4

  • Virtual keyboard for creation of default password list
  • Fixed some incompatibilities in JPG carriers
  • Improved News System

Version 4.3

  • Self-decrypting packages can be zipped now before mailing them
  • Passwords accessible from tray menu
  • Real-time News System
  • Library of favorite carriers locations
  • Virtual Keyboard

Version 4.0.8

  • Self-decrypting packages now supports relative paths
  • Improved self-decrypting package performance
  • Destroy Internet Traces now deletes in addition a well hidden index.dat file

Version 4.0

  • A new design and an improved user interface
  • Mail Encryption: create self-decrypting packages to send by email, so that the recipient doesn't need a special program to decrypt the documents at destination, only the correct password.
  • Cryptboard: this is a new concept in east-tec InvisibleSecrets. While working in Window Explorer (or other shell programs) you can add files to the Cryptboard - which is similar to a basket that contains files. The files are remembered in a list (cryptboard), and various operations can be performed on them in a single step. The cryptboard is accessible through the context menu, the tray icon, or from the main program.
  • Internet Trace Destructor: wipes out the traces left by the browser while surfing the internet - Internet Explorer Cache, Internet Explorer History, Internet Explorer Cache, list of Recently Typed URLs, list of Most Recently Used Documents / Applications.
  • Application Locker: you can password protect certain applications, and remove them from the Start Menu. The Application Locker can help you keep encrypted programs on your computer, and quickly run them by pressing a key combination. Applications will be automatically re-encrypted after you close them.
  • IP-to-IP Password Transfer: this feature allows you to exchange a password between two computers using an encrypted internet line. At least on computer must have a global IP.
  • A completely rewritten Password Manager
  • Main functions accessible from Tray

Version 3.2

  • The ability to search your hard-disks for carriers
  • Incompatibilities with some JPEGs are now fixed

Version 3.1

  • Compatibility with Windows XP
  • Command-line parameters
  • PASV mode support for FTP transfers
  • Stealth Mode: hide InvisibleSecrets from Start Menu and Windows Explorer Context Menu
  • Password Protection: you can set up a password to restrict the access to the program.
  • The "Shred Originals After Encryption" option is no longer default.
  • Small interface bug-fixes

Version 3.0

  • InvisibleSecrets is now a security suite!
  • A crypting engine
  • A DoD compliant Shredder
  • Shell Integration
  • A Password Manager
  • A real-random password generator (included in the Password Manager)
  • New encryption algorithms: Twofish, RC4(TM), Cast128, GOST, Rijndael, Diamond 2, Sapphire II
  • New Carriers: HTML and WAV
  • Bug-fixes
  • Modifications on the User Interface