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Online Privacy Protection Software: Erase Files and Tracks With Eraser

Online Privacy Protection Software: Erase Files and Tracks With Eraser

  • Securely delete Internet and PC activity traces
  • Delete traces of over 350 third-party applications
  • Clean removable devices (USB, SD & more)
  • Erase unused files and improve PC performance
  • Protect your personal data and online privacy
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Version 4.0

east-tec Eraser Version 4.0 was released on April 10, 2003.

New Privacy Guard:

  • added support for new sensitive areas that removes all the sensitive information Windows operating system has stored on your computer.
  • added support for popular browsers like: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, America Online, MSN Explorer, Opera.
  • added support for new popular applications and programs like: Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Kazaa, QuickTime, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, AOL Messenger, Download Accelerator, GoZilla!, Infanview, Windows Paint, Windows Wordpad, mIRC, Napster, Norton Antivirus, Firewall and Internet Security, Real Download, Total Commander, Winamp 2.75, WinRar, Winzip 7x,8x, Yahoo! Player, Zone Alarm, etc.
  • all problems encountered with already existing windows applications were fixed.

Plug-in Architecture:

  • when a new version of a popular browser, chat program, etc. is released, you will be able to download and easily install a plug-in to support it in no time.

Enhanced security levels:

  • new wiping methods were added (U.S. NAVSO P-5239-26 (RLL), U.S. NAVSO P-5239-26 (MFM) and B. Schneier's algorithm).
  • for more secure wiping random data streams can be generated using ISAAC PRNG.

Enhanced wiping capabilities for Windows XP users:

  • wipe compressed files on NTFS drives.
  • wipe free space on compressed drives.
  • scramble files and folders properties both on FAT and NTFS drives.
  • wipe alternate data streams on NTFS drives.

New Stealth Mode feature:

  • Enables you to run east-tec Eraser in invisible mode.

Improved user interface design:

  • all XP users will experience the new XP-like look of east-tec Eraser 2004.
  • all the application icons and buttons were redesigned.
  • the Privacy Guard feature has a new design and it is much easier to use.

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