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Online Privacy Protection Software:
Erase Files with east-tec Eraser

●   Securely delete all your Internet and computer activity traces
●   Delete traces of over 300+ third-party applications
●   Clean all your removable media devices (USB, MMC, SD etc.)
●   Erase files no longer needed and improve PC performance
●   Fully protect your personal data and online privacy

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User Defined Wipe Methods

  • User Defined Wipe Methods
  • east-tec Eraser comes with 14 predefined wiping algorithms that are approved industry standards for the permanent erasure of digital information. If, however, you want to customize the product to your security needs, you may do that by using our easy to use Method Editor Module. Defining a wipe method means specifying the number of passes and the overwriting pattern for each pass. One pass is sufficient to stop software recovery tools. Several passes might be needed to stop hardware recovery tools such as electron-tunneling microscopes. These tools can recover faint magnetic residue from previous writes.