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Online Privacy Protection Software: Erase Files and Tracks With Eraser

Online Privacy Protection Software: Erase Files and Tracks With Eraser

  • Securely delete Internet and PC activity traces
  • Delete traces of over 350 third-party applications
  • Clean removable devices (USB, SD & more)
  • Erase unused files and improve PC performance
  • Protect your personal data and online privacy
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Clean Your Favorite Programs

Clean Your Favorite Programs
Protect your privacy by also erasing the history and traces from over 300 popular programs and applications, including office suites, photo and video software, email readers, file sharing tools, security products, Windows Store apps, and more.

Every day, we rely on various software programs that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. But we must also think about our privacy. Deleting our web history and cookies is something we know about, but what about the other software we use? They also leave behind some tracks on our computers that might contain personal information. We want to keep that information private and not let others see it.

East-Tec Eraser erases not only your web history and cookies but also the history and traces of other programs you use. Just like browsers, all applications use special files to make their user experience more convenient. However, these files can contain sensitive information about you.

So, how does east-tec Eraser work its magic? Well, it's very easy. Within the Privacy Guard module, a few clicks give you the power to select which applications you want to safeguard from unwanted snooping. It's like putting a shield around your favorite programs.

East-Tec Eraser is also very flexible. It works much like an antivirus program, but instead of safeguarding your system from malicious software, it cleans the history and traces of over 300 software programs.

You can find these programs in different categories in the Privacy Guard module. You can click on a category and erase the files from all the programs in it. The categories include applications, news and email readers, peer-to-peer, security tools, Windows Store apps, and Windows traces.

Our development team is always working hard to keep up with the latest versions of all these applications. We provide you with regular updates so that you can enjoy the best performance and protection from east-tec Eraser.

If you have an application that is not supported by our software, you can still erase its traces by creating custom-sensitive areas. This feature allows advanced users to define their own rules for erasing files and folders from any application.

So, when you use east-tec Eraser, you are not just deleting your web history. You are choosing software that protects your privacy from all the programs you use. Don't worry about leaving any personal information behind!

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