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Erase Any Hard Drive or Computer: Wipe Disk Drives With Disposesecure

Erase Any Hard Drive or Computer: Wipe Disk Drives With Disposesecure

  • Erase hard drives, partitions or media devices
  • Operating System Independent
  • Boot from CD/DVD/USB/network
  • Generate Disk Wipe Logs
  • US Department of Defense compliant
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  • Rocky Bytes - Great!

    With all of the risks involved, this makes it important to use software like east-tec DisposeSecure to make sure that all of your sensitive and private data doesn't end up in the wrong hands simply because you want to sell and recycle your old hardware.

  • Canadian Content

    If you're getting rid of your PC, East-Tec's DisposeSecure can clean your system of data which may still be accessible. The program will check each disk sector and remove current data by overwriting it with nothingness.

  • Download3K - Editor's Review: Very Good

    With multiple destruction methods to choose from, a comprehensive help file, and industry-proven reliability, this software is amongst the most highly-rated file deletion utilities available.

  • Softpedia - Editor's Rating: Very Good

    Nice and Easy Sanitizing! Working with the program is really easy, and you don't have to be a professional to find your way around the commands and options. ... A good sanitizing program, with many options to choose from.

  • CNET - Editors' Rating: Excellent

    To keep your private data safe from others, you really need a more thorough tool and East-Tec's DisposeSecure fits the bill. ... DisposeSecure is a powerful and competent tool, and its interface and features reflect that.

  • TechRepublic

    east-tec DisposeSecure offers best solution to safely erasing hard disks.