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Erase Any Hard Drive or Computer: Wipe Disk Drives With Disposesecure

Erase Any Hard Drive or Computer: Wipe Disk Drives With Disposesecure

  • Erase hard drives, partitions or media devices
  • Operating System Independent
  • Boot from CD/DVD/USB/network
  • Generate Disk Wipe Logs
  • US Department of Defense compliant
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WHO needs to wipe hard drives?

If you are a Clinic/Hospital/Healthcare Center, Attorney Office, Bank/Financial Institution, School/College/University or other public institution

These types of institution collect personal information as part of their role in providing services to the public, information such as names, addresses and phone numbers, bank and credit card account numbers, income and credit histories and Social Security numbers. There are several laws (eg Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act, HIPAA, PIPEDA) that require to protect classified or sensitive data from being released outside of their control, laws that require secure erasure or data sanitization of user data. Be sure to erase them completely and permanently with east-tec DisposeSecure.

If you are a military, police or federal authority, GOV or public agency, ministry

Think what could happen if data from a certain National Security Service from USA can fall into the hands of another Service from another country? This could be taken as classified data breaches. That's why, before taking an old hard drive from action is important to securely dispose and permanently erase it.

If you are a company working with copiers, printers or scanners

Most copiers, printers or scanners contain small hard drives or devices that store a digital image of every document scanned or copied? Because there are laws which require secure disposal of every media device before giving them away, we recommend you to sanitize the hard drives using east-tec DisposeSecure.

If you are a recycling company

There are many organizations who donate their old computers so they can be reused for non-profits, charities or schools. Before donating them, make sure to sanitize and permanently erase any hard drive with east-tec DisposeSecure.

If any other company, organisation or corporation

While upgrading your network infrastructure, getting rid of old computers and hard drives, make sure to permanently erase them so that you can avoid any data breaches.

If you are a GOV contractor or security consultant or IT consultant

This means that you are already aware about this type of products we develop. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding east-tec DisposeSecure.

If you are an individual, home-user who needs to sell/donate/giveaway your computer

There is still a pretty good market for 3 years old or newer computer equipment, usually through local classified ads or through eBay-type auctions. Before selling your computer on ebay, make sure no one will be able to recover your data with DisposeSecure. Unfortunately, there were cases when somebody sold an old computer and the new owner managed to recover financial data, personal information.

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