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Where Do Deleted Files Go?

Where Do Deleted Files Go?

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You probably delete dozens of various files from your PC every day. But have you ever wondered what happens to a file after its deletion? How does "deletion" work in the first place? Does a file just disappear from the system without a trace after deletion? Does it become an empty space? What happens to the often confidential information contained in the file? And basically, where do deleted files go?

We are sharing a great video below this post that answers all those questions in a fun and easy-to-follow, yet scientific way. Michael from VSauce walks you through the phases of file deletion and concludes that there is no such thing as "deletion", only overwriting!

Basically, you can only make information that already resides on your computer gone, if you replace it with new data. Trouble is, normal Windows deletion does not immediately overwrite your deleted files so it may take weeks, or months before new files replace the information contained in your deleted file. However, this can be a serious privacy concern if you want to get rid of a confidential file. Until the file is overwritten, unauthorized parties can use file recovery tools to restore confidential "deleted" files from your computer, for instance, if it gets lost, or stolen.

Michael makes the "funny" point that you can let the Sun take care of permanently deleting your confidential files, as in a mere 5 billion years time it will turn into a Red Giant that permanently destroys everything, including your confidential files, on planet Earth.

Well, we have a much quicker solution at hand! After watching the video and getting an idea how secure overwriting works, download east-tec Eraser and you will be armed with a tool that can overwrite the confidential files you want to get rid of for good. It employs government-grade, super complex algorithms so files deleted with it can't be recovered even with forensic recovery tools.

Safe deleting and have fun watching this great video!