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What's New In east-tec Eraser Version 13.3?

What's New In east-tec Eraser Version 13.3?

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One of the most important actions to perform in order to maintain safety and security on your computer is to update the software you use. This year is especially important regarding cybersecurity as most of our daily tasks have migrated into our digital environment. This is why we feel it's our duty to bring you the ability to thoroughly erase your traces left behind by the software you use.

SSD Support in the Erase Deleted Data Module

Probably the biggest feature this version of east-tec Eraser includes is the ability to erase deleted data from your solid-state drive in a much faster and healthier manner. Wiping deleted files beyond recovery is known to be a very slow process, especially if you are trying to perform it on hundreds of gigabytes. Starting with this version of east-tec Eraser, this lengthy process will be reduced drastically. Not only will the duration of this process be much shorter, but you will also extend the lifespan of your drive, thanks to the effective and protective methods Eraser is using to delete from solid-state drives.

Updated Internet Browsers for a Safe Browsing Experience

The 2004 version of Windows 10 has brought us the new and updated Microsoft Edge. Thanks to the Chromium engine, you will experience a drastic improvement in speed and functionality compared to the previous built-in browser. Chromium is an open-source project, developed by Google and is used in browsers like Chrome and Opera. From this version of east-tec Eraser, you will find the Chromium based Microsoft Edge on your list of detected browsers along with the updated Google Chrome, Firefox, Waterfox and Opera browser.

New and Updated Sensitive Areas to Support the Latest Windows 10 Update

The new browser isn't the only thing that was updated, thus we have paid extra attention to freshen up the sensitive areas in the operating system itself. These include the memory dumps of Windows, the Delivery Optimization files, the DirectX Shader Cache, the error reports of the operating system and many more. Overtime, these files can add up and while they may contain sensitive information, they also take up some of your useful free space. In Eraser, we have set a default setting, which will improve the system performance while not affecting the user experience. Of course, in the advanced settings, you can change these default settings to your desired needs.

Video Conferencing and Chat Applications

Due to the current global situation, it was more than necessary to bring you safety in the software you use the most. As we have to organize most of our meetings online, we have really focused on telecommunications applications. We are now supporting WhatsApp and the updated versions of Skype and TeamViewer.

Bug Fixes

With the new update of Windows, we had to adapt to some changes. The 2004 version of Windows 10 introduced a new way of handling visual elements in multithreaded applications, which resulted in the crashing of the Privacy Guard and the Media Wiper modules. Fortunately, these bugs are fixed, and the user experience is as stable as it was before.

To conclude, the updated version of east-tec Eraser will save you a lot of time during erasing deleted data, you will be able to delete all your traces from the latest browsers and maintain your privacy while using social applications.