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Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds And Use Encryption To Look After Your Data

Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds And Use Encryption To Look After Your Data

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The recent and unfortunate case of Amazon S3 data exposure drew our attention, once again, to some of the potential risks of data handling even cloud storage can not prevent. An analysis conducted by Rapid7 revealed that a misconfiguration issue left nearly 2000 S3 buckets exposed. Including potentially sensitive data.

We can see from that example that accidents can happen even when companies like Amazon look after your data. This is not to say you should quit using cloud services. They usually do provide a great and highly secure way for data storage and handling. But there are some extra measures you could, and should take to protect your data stored in the cloud.

Encryption is most likely the term that first comes to mind in this connection. And it does so for a reason. Encryption, for the past few years, has frequently been mentioned along with data breach or data leak, because if you use encryption you get a high level of protection against breaches or leaks. Data encryption scrambles valuable information, making it unintelligent to unauthorized people, so even if hackers access them, there is not much they can use them for.

If you look up information on the web on how to use encryption, chances are that you will be taken back. You learn about ciphertext, algorithms, encryption-, and decryption keys, and so on. And so you may rightly conclude that encrypting data, and working with encrypted data is a drag.

But not with east-tec SafeBit. This software product makes the whole process as simple and effortless as possible, at a very affordable price. Instead of keep encrypting and decrypting data each time you use and save them, east-tec SafeBit lets you create virtual disk drives, where all your data is kept encrypted at all times. With a few clicks you can set up one, and then move all your sensitive data to that drive. Imagine it as moving a familiar drive, say, C, to a virtual location, and then keep working with files, programs etc just like you do it on C. You will not notice any external difference at all. However, there is a huge difference, as the virtual drive stores all your data encrypted at all times!

east-tec SafeBit features on-the-fly encryption, that is, your data is automatically encrypted right before it is saved, and automatically decrypted right after it is loaded. So all the hassle of manual encrypting and decrypting is taken out of the process. The software employs government standard algorithms, so there is no chance that the data protected by it becomes compromised. And once you have encrypted your data, you can upload your encrypted safes (drives) to your preferred cloud storage. This way your data will be protected, even in the cloud.