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Tonn Poorter: You Won't Have A Slow Machine Ever Again

Tonn Poorter: You Won't Have A Slow Machine Ever Again

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Tonn Poorter is an old customer of east-tec Eraser from Mid Wales, UK. He has been using our product for many years. He knows our product very well and he sends regular updates on his discoveries and tests, that help us improve our software. He also sent us a few lines containing his thoughts and opinions about east-tec Eraser:

I've been using the east-tec Eraser since 1997. In the first instances from that time was I using the software for removing tracks of things I didn't want to leave behind for prying eyes, wasn't looking at anything lurid, just didn't want other people knowing my ideas. But then I discovered many things viewed in the 'net were being stored in caches where a fourth party could easily peruse your preferences then perhaps build an ill-informed then inaccurate profile around that person.

Using the software for so many years has its presence in my computing made life a lot easier. I've used the program mainly to removing traces of programs remaining in the system or for removing files' that perhaps made successive but failed installs of the same program difficult - or for just data building up in the system either residing and doing nothing or programs what had been successfully installed leaving traces of their temporary counterparts lurking "that could be taken for a plane ride" with a view to possible manipulation from a fourth party.

Not only this but when the residing data was removed by east-tec Eraser did the system work much responsively.

I've really nothing to hide. I'm very transparent. But the keen use for me is ensuring good housekeeping from redundant files then removal from the potential misuse of retentive files. In conjunction with some other programs has it been known to detects viruses and trojans.

Paid for used then updated regularly east-tec Eraser is an effective tool to ensuring the things you didn't want left behind are processed then removed provided it's used as advised with the developers' rules and suggestions.

You [won't have a slow] machine ever again.

Tonn Poorter, Mid Wales