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Richard W. Meirowitz: East-Tec Eraser Vastly Improved The Performance Of My Machine

Richard W. Meirowitz: East-Tec Eraser Vastly Improved The Performance Of My Machine

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Richard W. Meirowitz is an experienced attorney from New York. There are two months now since Richard has been using our east-tec Eraser product. He wanted to evaluate our product after reading a positive review on CNET.com, and after trying it a little to check if east-tec Eraser indeed works as advertised, he decided to make the purchase.

The message Richard wants to send to other east-tec Eraser users is: I try to spread the word about good products and I also try to spread the word about bad products. east-tec Eraser, in my opinion, is an excellent product that should have greater visibility than it has. The most effective way to accomplish this, in my opinion, is by word of mouth. If you feel as I do about this product, then report it in the technical venues that you visit.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Richard W. Meirowitz from New York, United States

How old are you?


Your professional experience?


Since when have you been using our product?

Roughly two months ago. I was alerted to the product after having viewed a very positive review on Cnet.

Your opinion about our product (how it helped you, etc.)

Excellent. I have used a number of products desinged to remove detritus from my C drive. Most of them miss a lot of junk. east-tec Eraser has removed a lot of this useless material and made my machine run better and faster.

How often do you use our product?

I use Privacy Guard a few times a day; I use Erase Deleted Data about once a week.

From your point of view, what is the greatest feature of our product?

I'm not as concerned about the privacy issues as I am the only user/operator. I am concerned about cleaning up the C drive and wiping it clean.

Which of the following describes the way you use east-tec Eraser for?

Mainly to remove junk files.

What poses the greatest fear of discovery on your computer?


Where do you feel your computer and online privacy is at the highest risk?

I have no such fears.

What other software solutions would you like us to offer you?

I would like to see a program that can stop span/phishing on my ISP, which is AOL.

What can you tell to those people who are not using east-tec Eraser at this moment?

I am not as interested in the feature that allows you to clean and erasing sensitive data as I am about the ability of this product to remove detritus from my hard drive that has been resident there for years, and which I was heretofore unable to remove with a variety of other software packages. This product has vastly improved the performance of my machine, where others have failed.

Any other comments or suggestions

Yes. I think your Erase Deleted Data function takes a very long time, like about 6 1/2 hours on my machine. I'd like to see that run faster if possible. Most deep scan software I use (Norton, Webroot, Malwarebytes, SAS) takes about 4 1/2 hours.

Also, Richard was so pleased by the performance and security offered by east-tec Eraser, that he also wrote a nice review on Amazon.com: I find this product to be excellent at removing detritus from my C drive that has eluded the cleanup processes of a number of other products