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How To Prevent ID Theft And Data Breach During The Thanksgiving Traveling Madness

How To Prevent ID Theft And Data Breach During The Thanksgiving Traveling Madness

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Thanksgiving is all about family and friends; it's almost like an early Christmas. No wonder that an estimated 25 million Americans are expected to fly out to visit their loved ones this year, looking forward to have a good time together. Until they arrive to enjoy the much anticipated turkeys and pies and parade, the rigors travelling during such peak periods brings, may try even the most experienced pilgrims. And in recent years it's not only been the rush to catch the crowded flights, the juggling with heavy luggage at busy airports and the usual hassle associated with such journeys travellers have had to face. Laptop theft and loss have also been on the constant rise, so have data and identity theft as a result of using unsecured, or unofficial WiFi connections at airports.

In scenarios we have just described stuff happens too easily. You just forget, or misplace your laptop, or it just gets stolen by expert desperados in the middle of a crazy dash while you are trying to cut through the crowd of thousands. And once you have lost your laptop or it's got stolen, there is usually little chance that it can be recovered. Same goes for the case if your system gets infected with a virus, spyware, or malware, so it's crucially important to think ahead and prepare for the worst.

We all store sensitive information on our laptops that we need to use on a daily basis. Whether it is personal, work, or business related, if it isn't protected properly and falls into the wrong hands, we are to face terrifying consequences. Knowing well what a disaster data breach and identity theft can spell, our business plans, passwords, trade secrets, medical and financial records, project research materials, private photos and videos become nothing less than indispensable, irreplaceable and priceless files to be protected.

So how to make sure that your sensitive data remains inaccessible not only to cybercriminals, but anyone stole or found your laptop and tries to hack his way into your secrets? east-tec SafeBit offers you a simple, yet powerful solution to this problem, providing full protection for your confidential data. It lets you create virtual drives that work as large Safes. Any file, or folder you place into such a Safe gets encrypted (encoded) automatically, using the most advanced government and industry standard algorithms. The Safe makes it very easy for you to work with your encrypted files, because it displays them as if they were regular plain text files files, that is, as if they were unencrypted. Once you dismount the Safe, your data will no longer be accessible to anyone and the virtual drive you created will no longer be visible in Windows Explorer's drive list. Now all your data will remain in the form of an encrypted file, somewhere on your hard drive. Of course, this protection is there at all times, not only in the case of laptop theft, but against hacker activities in general.

OK, so now your files are protected against misuse, but how will you access them once they are gone with your laptop? east-tec SafeBit offers you several options to regularly backup your Safe to enable you to access a copy of your sensitive files that had been saved before your laptop was stolen, or lost. To start with, If you place your Safe into your cloud folder when using Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync, etc., then it gets backed up real-time in the cloud. You can also regularly save your Safe, with your confidential data in it, to external hard drives, USB sticks, smart cards, or other portable devices, or transfer them via email as a way of backup.

While losing, or having your laptop stolen is always a great loss, if you use east-tec SafeBit, at least you can make sure that your sensitive files can't be exploited. Create a Safe now and move all your confidential files and folders into that before heading to the airport.

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