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East-Tec Supports The National Cyber Security Awareness Month By Becoming A Champion

East-Tec Supports The National Cyber Security Awareness Month By Becoming A Champion

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For the last 10 years, each October has been dedicated to raising awareness of cybersecurity issues nationwide. Initiated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance, the campaign is intended to educate government agencies, businesses of all sizes and people from all walks of life about the dangers and negative impacts of Internet privacy threats. Organizers and participants alike try to urge everyone already conscious of the clear connection between rising data breach as well as identity theft figures and the lack of education and information on how to guard against them, to pass on their knowledge, otherwise it is going to be a very slow and painful process to bring national and global cybersecurity to a higher level.

The point we have to recognize is that it is "Our Shared Responsibility" and mutual interest to help one another because the Internet connects us crucially important ways not only on national, and international levels, but even on much smaller, yet so the more significant scales, such as families, friends, local businesses and so on. Social networking, business, education, finances, communication are some key areas that have been moving online more and more since the beginning of the new century and it takes an united effort to ensure we can keep safely enjoying all the benefits their online presence offers.

Numerous companies, organizations, institutions, etc. participate in the campaign as champions to do their part in arming citizens, employees, colleagues, students, friends, family members and everyone around them with the knowledge necessary to be more aware of cybersecurity issues and about best practises to tackle them. The list of NCSAM Champions include Boeing, IBM, Microsoft, U.S. Department of State, Visa, PayPal to name but a few. East-Tec has also joined the list of illustrious champions to show its support and to play an active role in the campaign.

East-Tec has been developing and marketing Internet and computer privacy protection as well as data security software products for over 16 years. We have been doing our best since day one to not only provide customers with excellent products, but also to raise awareness of the many cybersecurity and privacy issues, on our official website, as well as via newsletters and support emails. Our product range includes tools for government regulations compliant data erasure for individual and corporate customers, file/folder and email encryption and steganography. 16 years in the business have given us plenty of experience to build upon and ensures we are a reliable source of knowledge and information when it comes to highlighting cybersecurity and privacy issues and providing solutions for them. We are going to do a special NCSAM promo on our official sites that includes publishing relevant articles with security tips and advises, offering products at discounted prices and spreading the word far and wide on our Facebook page.