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Keep Your PC Clean And Secure In Case Your Antivirus Can't Keep Up With Easter Eggs

Keep Your PC Clean And Secure In Case Your Antivirus Can't Keep Up With Easter Eggs

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No matter how much we want to keep major holidays, such as, Easter, a carefree, intimate family affair, in hacker-world there is no stopping to honor those events. Just on the contrary. Cyber criminals often increase their activities before and during holidays, knowing that this is when most families spend extra time online buying presents, or just to have more fun. And since your antivirus only reacts, doesn't prevent, you better remove sensitive traces from your system before the Easter rush in case you encounter some unwanted Easter-eggs online.

Unfortunately, it's easy to bag some malware while searching for chocolate eggs and other gift items for Easter. There are many phishing sites that try to lure you into great deals and kids in the family are also targeted. The cute looking bunnies carrying beautifully colored eggs across web pages might not be far as innocent as they look. Tell the kids not to click on them no matter how temptingly the bunnies ask for it.

But most importantly, how can you protect your privacy if a malware does manage to enter your system? It's no news that your antivirus might not be prepared for all the new malware that hit the cyberspace daily. Especially if you forgot to update its database regularly. According to a recent Kaspersky statistics, there are 200000 new malware threats launched daily by cyber criminals worldwide. So malware infection is all around us. And it doesn't even spare giants, like LivingSocial, Evernote, VeriSign, AOL, etc. So you better add another layer of protection to your antivirus to safeguard the privacy of your data and identity, before it's too late.

east-tec Eraser and east-tec SafeBit can provide your data that protection. east-tec Eraser was designed to permanently remove all online and PC activity traces that could lead unauthorized parties to your data and identity. It destroys your browsing history, online transaction traces, social networking traces, sensitive emails, chat conversations, deleted files, and more. It also securely removes traces of using different apps, such as, Skype, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Yahoo Messenger, Quicken Deluxe and many more. The basic idea is that there is nothing to steal from an all clean PC that east-tec Eraser guarantees you.

When it comes to protecting data you do need to store on your PC, east-tec SafeBit can offer you a powerful solution. The program lets you create virtual disk drives, which serve as large container files (safes). Any file or folder you place into those safes gets encrypted on-the-fly using the most powerful algorithm possible, the AES Rijndael. That algorithm has been adopted by the US Government to protect electronic data. The software's on-the-fly encryption makes it super simple for you to work with encrypted files/folders. When you open a safe to work with the encrypted data in it, your files/folders appear to you as if they were unencrypted. Even though they appear in plain text format, in reality they are encoded. However, even if unauthorized parties manage to access your encrypted data, to them it will appear in its encoded format, that is, as unintelligent streams of gibberish.

Implementing these security measures will definitely guarantee protection for your data and identity during the Easter rush.

We wish you and your family a safe and carefree holiday!