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Improve System Performance

Improve System Performance

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Over time, if you don't take care of your computer regularly, you will experience a gradual slowdown. There are some problems that you can fix manually, though it will not solve the main problem. To do an entire cleaning, you have to use a software that is specialized for these kinds of situations. One of the biggest benefits of using east-tec Eraser is that it will greatly improve your system performance.

The methods that will be mentioned are more of habits that you should perform regularly so that your computer can stay cleaner and safer.

Firstly, emptying your trash is crucial. Even though your computer says that the files are deleted, they are only put into a holding area on the hard drive. The reason for that is that you can restore accidentally deleted files. Basically, they are not deleted, and they are still on your disk. That is why you should empty your bin on a regular basis, as not only will it speed up your computer, but free up space on your hard drive.

Another big mistake is to store your files on your desktop. While keeping files and folders on your desktop may seem convenient, it is not designed for this purpose. Because of that, it will slow down your computer. Another useful tip is to delete your browser's cache. Although cache is supposed to help using your computer faster, too much of them will actually slow your PC down. Even though this seems obvious, you should look out for unneeded software, as they can run constantly and take up a lot of useful space on your hard drive, making your PC sluggish. These are some quick fixes that you should pay attention to, but it is nowhere near what you can achieve with east-tec Eraser.

Digital clutter is a term most people are not aware of, while their computers are not working properly because of them. There are several types of clutter, but most of them are created by Windows. One example can be the pre-installed software that you don't even use, and they are just taking up space on our hard drive. When Microsoft releases a new update and it fails to download correctly, unused files will remain on your disk, also considered as clutter. Windows keeps a record of system errors in a log file, which can grow over time so big that it starts to make your PC slow. Even your actions performed in Windows will remain in the system's registry, which will cause the same problem as the previous one. For all of these issues, east-tec Eraser offers a complete and thorough solution.

Solid State Drives

As Solid State Drives have gained huge popularity in the last few years, many users don't know their weaknesses. Most significantly, the low-level operation of SSDs differs significantly from hard disk drives (HDD), the typical way in which operating systems handle operations like deletes and formats resulted in unanticipated progressive performance degradation of write operations on SSDs. Besides that, all the data that are seemingly deleted, may not be erased totally. The solution for that is TRIM. TRIM is a command that enables the operating system to inform the Solid State Drive which data blocks it can erase, as they are not in use anymore. If you have a TRIM-enabled SSD (maybe a link to an article explaining how to check if your ssd is trim-enabled), with east-tec Eraser you can easily manage your drive's data. By using the product, in combination with the TRIM option, you will not only prolong the drive's life and improve its performance but decrease the chance of being a victim of cybercrime. "But how does cybercrime come into the picture?", you may ask. Well, when it comes to SSDs, your supposedly deleted data can be easily retrieved and stolen, which can cause a lot of trouble for you in the future.

To summarize, though Solid State Drives offer great performance, you should still look after them. east-tec Eraser helps you to solve this difficult problem as effortlessly as possible. After installing it, you won't have to worry about your drive's performance, lifespan or your data-security.