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east-tec Eraser 2015 Is OUT: Monitor And Wipe Your Sensitive Tracks Real-time

east-tec Eraser 2015 Is OUT: Monitor And Wipe Your Sensitive Tracks Real-time

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We are very happy to announce that east-tec Eraser 2015, the latest version of our flagship security and privacy utility, is now available from the East-Tec Store. east-tec Eraser has now over 17 years of experience in protecting your sensitive data and privacy, and securely erasing all evidence of your Internet and PC activity!

This year we worked very hard on implementing as many customer-feedback based new features in east-tec Eraser as possible, as well as improving the intuitiveness of the program. Let me give you a short tour of what's new, hoping that you'll be satisfied with what east-tec Eraser has to offer you.

So what's new in east-tec Eraser 2015?

The intelligent Risk Monitor

The intelligent Risk Monitor in the taskbar notification area

One of the most important improvements in this version is that we have placed the Risk Monitor icon in the system tray to have an easily accessible, 24/7 active agent running in the background that guarantees your privacy protection even if you are not running east-tec Eraser. On one hand, the Risk Monitor's job is to notify you of sensitive Internet tracks - in the form of on-screen messages - as soon as you create them, that is, as soon as they start threatening your privacy. On the other hand it lets you wipe those tracks right from the system tray, again, without having to have east-tec Eraser running.

This is a critical privacy protection feature, because the longer you leave your confidential trails and the accumulated temporary Internet junk files on your computer, the more you are exposed to unauthorized attacks and sluggish PC performance.

The Risk Monitor agent in action

Let me give you a couple of examples that explain how the Risk Monitor notifications work.

The Risk Monitor agent in action

Say you fire up Internet Explorer to check your emails and visit your online banking site. As soon as you close IE, the Risk Monitor notifies you that you've just used IE so you need to wipe the sensitive tracks your activities created. You even get a notification if you don't browse, but open a document in the browser. Let's say, you open a confidential PDF file with IE. After you close the browser, the Risk Monitor sends you a message prompting you to wipe your activity tracks. By clicking Fix, east-tec Eraser starts and securely wipes your sensitive tracks.

The Risk Monitor also covers other areas of your privacy. For instance, if it detects previously deleted data on your disk that can be recovered by third parties, it notifies you about it.

If you are too busy to fix an issue just when the Risk Monitor notifies you about it, you can view the risk notification message later and fix the issue at a convenient time by clicking the icon once and pressing the Fix button.

Clean and shut down PC

Clean and shut down PC

This is a very convenient feature many customers have asked for. By selecting this option, you don't need to wait by the computer for east-tec Eraser to finish a wiping process. You can leave the PC and come back to, or wake up to an all-clean, secure computer. east-tec Eraser will shut your PC down as soon as it finished securely wiping it. The secure wiping process first runs Privacy Guard to wipe your Internet and PC tracks, than the Erase Deleted Data module to permanently remove your previously deleted files.

The new Scan First feature in Privacy Guard

The new "Scan first" feature in Privacy Guard

Since many of our customers wanted to know exactly what files get wiped during particular erasure actions and from what locations and receive a summary of how much disk space they gain by cleaning various sensitive areas, we have added the new Scan first feature in Privacy Guard>>Advanced.

This option gives you a summary of the files and tracks that are going to be wiped from your computer before an erasure action starts, broken down by applications installed on your computer. The scan results also show you how much disk space you will gain once the wiping is done, and you can also use the results to find and exclude particular files, or tracks from the wiping list, if you wish.

Gain disk space with Privacy Guard

This is how the screen looks like after the scanning is done. As you can see, the results are broken down by applications and the circled figure shows you the amount of disk space you gain once the wiping process will have finished.

Privacy Guard Exclude List

If you double click a scanned application, you get a detailed list of the files and tracks that are going to be erased from it. And by right-clicking a file, or track to be erased, you can add it to the Exclude List, in case you have changed your mind and don't want it to be securely wiped.

Note: If you don't want to add any/new files to the Exclude list, press Start to begin the wiping process.

The new Close Applications notification

Privacy Guard Close Applications notification

In order for east-tec Eraser to be able to securely wipe your Internet tracks, the browser(s) you want to wipe tracks from needs to be closed first. In case you are attempting to wipe a browser while it's still open, you get a notification, prompting you to close the browser so that the wiping action can be successful. If you opt for it, the program can even close a particular browser automatically before it starts wiping it.

The screenshot below shows you what happened when I tried to wipe Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer while it was still open.

This screenshot shows you how to configure east-tec 2015 to automatically close a browser if you attempt to wipe it while it is still open.

Media Wiper doubles its wiping capacity

Media Wiper double wiping capacity

While in previous versions you were allowed to wipe removable media devices of up to 64 GB storage space, now you can double it, as east-tec Eraser can wipe your devices up to 128 GB.

exFAT support

exFAT support

In case your USB stick runs exFAT file system, now you can securely wipe them using east-tec Eraser that offers full support for the secure removal of sensitive data and junk files from exFAT devices.

Support for Manual Activation

To increase the level of your privacy security, or, in case you have no access to the Internet, now we offer you the option of Manual Activation. With a few simple steps you can get east-tec Eraser up and running in no time without having to connect to the Internet.

Easy access to wiping the Recycle Bin

In the new version the Recycle Bin is listed as one of the options in the Erase Deleted Data module. Simply tick its checkbox and it's included in the wiping list.

Update your privacy protection

We hope that the latest version of east-tec Eraser has managed to offer you many new features you have been asking for and that it will prove to be an even more powerful privacy protection tool than its predecessors.

Get your copy to keep your computer secure and clean at all times.