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The East-Tec Security Family Has Two New Members: InvisibleSecrets and SafeBit

The East-Tec Security Family Has Two New Members: InvisibleSecrets and SafeBit

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Today we're pleased to offer you two new members of our security family: east-tec InvisibleSecrets and east-tec SafeBit. We have been creating privacy and security products and solutions for the last 15 years, since the end of 1997. Today we are expanding our product line with two encryption and steganography products, designed to prevent unwanted people from reading your private documents and files.

East-Tec has acquired these two top class security products from Neobyte Solutions, which has been developing and improving them since 1999. Eugen Malita, our CEO, explains: We're happy to provide our customers with top-class encryption and steganography software. We have received a lot of requests from them, so we hope we are making their wishes come true!

east-tec InvisibleSecrets: file encryption and steganography

east-tec InvisibleSecrets is a revolutionary steganography and file encryption software that allows you to encrypt file and folder structures that contain confidential data, thus avoiding the risk of being exposed to unwanted and prying eyes. You can also hide files and disguise your business plans into total innocent looking files, making them completely invisible to any user. In addition, the product comes with a set of advanced security features like a password manager that helps you safeguard your passwords or generate new ones, a shredder that helps you completely erase selected files, folders, and Internet traces, a locker that allows you to safeguard certain programs from unauthorized use, and a tool that allows you to transfer passwords securely over the Internet.

By using east-tec InvisibleSecrets in your daily activities, you can make sure your data is impenetrable, and accessible to you alone.

east-tec SafeBit: encrypted virtual disk drives

east-tec SafeBit is a disk encryption software and the perfect solution for protecting your data against potential unauthorized access and information leaks. It features on-the-fly disk encryption, by creating virtual disk drives, where you can encrypt and hide files and folders, and still work with them just like you work with normal data. Thanks to safe-level compatibility on different platforms, you can transfer your encrypted safes via email or network, upload or backup, move or copy them to external hard drives, USB sticks, CD/DVD, cloud servers or any other portable storage device, and take them with you for later use wherever you are.

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