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Data Privacy Day 2014: East-Tec Becomes A Champion To Help Raise Awareness

Data Privacy Day 2014: East-Tec Becomes A Champion To Help Raise Awareness

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As each of the last few years brought news of serious data privacy issues involving some of the biggest companies in the world, along with a huge number of their affected customers, the importance of protecting one's data privacy is slowly becoming recognized. Unfortunately, 2013 wasn't short of such news; in fact, it offered some of the most jaw-dropping reports to date, such as, the Snowden revelations and the Target issue. East-Tec would like to highlight that in the face of such events, the usual, anti-virus based privacy protection, without permanent removal of one's PC and Internet activity traces, is simply not reliable anymore.

Data Protection Day

January 28 is the day when IT security and privacy professionals in the USA, Canada and numerous EU countries "encourage everyone to make protecting privacy and data a greater priority". The Data Privacy Day held in the USA has been organized by the National Cyber Security Alliance since 2008, when the United States and Canada first started observing it, following in the footsteps of the Data Protection Day celebration in Europe.

East-Tec is a Data Privacy Day champion

East-Tec has joined the many illustrious champions and participants, such as, Microsoft, Intel, ESET, Symantec, and become a Data Privacy Day champion. As such, we are going to feature privacy and security related content on our main site, as well as on our social networking profile pages, along with promotional discounted offers.

Privacy protection offered by East-Tec

The way East-Tec has been approaching PC and Internet privacy in the last 16 years is based on data erasure. When revealing traces of one's Internet and PC activities are permanently removed, that, in turn, greatly reduces the chances of data and identity breach, or theft, because the bridge that links the user and their sensitive data, no longer exists. To give an example: anytime you visit a site on which you handle sensitive content (for instance Internet banking), different data gets recorded by your browser about your activity. Your history, cookies, cache, and if you opt for it, even your passwords, username, credit card number, etc. get saved by your browser. If all that data is regularly wiped, even if a hacker accesses your PC, he won't find any clues of your identity and activities in your browser data, or on the PC, so you basically make it impossible for him to compromise your privacy. Unerased sensitive traces, on the other hand, can very easily lead third parties to your sensitive data or identity. Just think of the wealth of information left behind in browser data (history, cookies, autocomplete, saved passwords), in application usage traces (Dropbox cache, Skype history), deleted data that lies in the free space till it gets overwritten and so on.

Check out our promo material and special offers on our main site as well as on Facebook and join us in spreading the word. Let's make this Data Privacy Day the biggest ever!