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Cover Your Digital Tracks And Prevent People From Spying On Your Computer Activities

Cover Your Digital Tracks And Prevent People From Spying On Your Computer Activities

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When you work on a computer, you leave a lot of traces behind. Whether you visit some websites, check your email, view or edit documents or photos, your computer records everything you do: your web browser saves the web pages you view, your email program saves copies of the emails you read, compose or send to others, your text or image editing program keeps a list of files you have worked on recently, etc.

It is true that most web browsers now come with options to clean your activity traces. For example, in Mozilla Firefox, you can go to the Tools menu, then select Clear Recent History. In Internet Explorer, you can go to the Tools menu, select Internet Options, then click Delete... in the Browsing history section of the General tab.

However, deleting activity traces directly from the web browser is not safe: this operation just moves the information to the free disk space from where it can be easily restored using any data recovery tool.

When it comes to clearing the traces left by other applications (email or chat clients, image or text processing applications, etc.), things are getting more complicated. Because they don't have a built-in option to clear the traces, you have to be a computer expert and know where they keep this information and manually remove it. And this involves a lot of work.

east-tec Eraser does this automatically for you. The program has a feature named Privacy Guard. You can either let it automatically detect the applications that you have installed on your computer or you can manually select for which applications you want to erase activity traces. east-tec Eraser has a database of over 300 applications that is continuously updated by our developers.

Also, east-tec Eraser meets and exceeds government and industry standards for the permanent erasure of digital information. This means that your data will no longer be recoverable, even by advanced data recovery tools.

Are you afraid you will forget to clean your activity traces with east-tec Eraser? You can use the product built-in Scheduler to let it run automatically: for example, daily or when your computer is idle or when you close your default web browser, etc.

You can also define Hot Keys (also called Panic Keys or Anti-Boss Keys) that will automatically launch east-tec Eraser in background and instantly erase all your traces. This is useful when you want to hide something from someone who suddenly comes to your computer.