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Anti-Boss Evidence Wiping: Use east-tec Eraser In Stealth Mode

Anti-Boss Evidence Wiping: Use east-tec Eraser In Stealth Mode

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Everyone has a boss. Whether it is the manager in the office, or your wife at home, tense moments and risky situations easily manifest if you leave traces of your sensitive (or even naughty) computer activities behind. In theory, it is only your business what websites you visit, what services you use, or what files you save. But reality is somewhat different. If you neglect to regularly clean up your mess, you are likely to get into some serious trouble sooner or later.

What if your boss looks up your browsing history and finds out that you regularly visit or download content from a job search engine, or a NSFW site? Or if your wife is a bit more of a computer savvy than you expected and she finds those delicate deleted images in your Recycle Bin? Or recovers chat room conversations you had with your brand new online girlfriend? You surely do not want to risk any of those to happen, do you?

There are employees that have lost their jobs because of a similar scenario, and relationships may also suffer much as a result of a bit of cyber stray. And the bad news is: simple deletion of files or browsing history can easily be recovered with free tools available on the web. So just don't underestimate your boss or your wife!

But how to permanently erase evidences of your online and offline activities and at the same time hide the fact that you do a regular clean-up? Piles of traces of browsing history, chat room conversations, deleted emails would surely be a hassle to manually get rid of. east-tec Eraser offers you the easy to use double shield: wipe any online and offline activity traces and also, make the cleanup go stealth by hitting a simple hotkey so that no one can figure you need to regularly unclutter your digital life. And when the coast is clear, you can check how the erasure process is going, by hitting the same hotkey. This is how to make sure you will not ever get caught again.

Open the Scheduler in east-tec Eraser and create a task, but don't forget to select Include Panic Option. Set your Hotkeys (don't forget them), schedule the time when you want to run the wiping process, then pick the areas to be erased (Privacy Guard, Files & Folders, Erase Deleted Data) and set any other options you need.

Create Anti-Boss wiping task

And that is it! This way you can activate the stealth mode anytime with the hotkeys you defined and make sure the erasing process goes totally unnoticed. You can sit back and relax; no more sweaty moments in fear of your bully boss or big-eyed wife!