• Total Security Pack

    Total Security Pack

    If you want to be fully protected both online and offline, erase all your traces, protect yourself against unauthorized data theft with military-strength encryption or work completely invisible to other users and programs, the Total Security Pack may be the right solution for you. Read More

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    • $109.80
    • $64.95
  • Privacy Protection Pack

    Privacy Protection Pack

    Securely delete all your Internet and computer activities and make sure that your personal privacy is protected, by storing all your confidential information (like business plans, financial reports etc.) encrypted and completely invisible to other users and programs. Read More

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    • $59.90
    • $39.95
  • Encryption Pack

    Encryption Pack

    Keep your sensitive information encrypted all the time whether it is stored locally or in the cloud, and make sure that all your communication containing confidential information is also securely encrypted and/or hidden by advanced steganography methods. Read More

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    • $59.90
    • $39.95
  • Data Sanitization Pack

    Data Sanitization Pack

    Protect your privacy and confidential information by selectively erasing sensitive data from over 300 applications, keep your online activity private and make sure you completely erase the hard disks or removable devices that you resell, donate or reassign. Read More

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    • $49.90
    • $39.95
  • Total Privacy Pack

    Total Privacy Pack

    Securely erase all traces of sensitive data from your computer, protect and hide your files and communications with strong encryption/steganography algorithms. Securely store data locally or in the cloud via virtual disk drives, using automatic on-the-fly encryption. Read More

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    • $89.85
    • $59.95

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