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    Focus on study, not threats!

    ● Secure removal of Internet tracks
    ● No chat, email and social networking traces
    ● Secure, encrypted storage for personal files
    ● Password Manager & Generator

    *Limited Time Offer: expires October 21, 2014
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  • Welcome TrueCrypt users

    Looking for a TrueCrypt alternative?

    Migrate your data securely with east-tec SafeBit and SAVE BIG!

    ● Unlike BitLocker, it works on any Windows edition
    ● Create virtual drives to encrypt files and folders fast
    ● Government grade encryption algorithm

    *Limited Time Offer: expires October 21, 2014
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  • Migrating from XP

    Migrating from XP?

    ● Secure backup & HDD sanitizing with our XP Migration Pack
    ● Secure backup from encrypted Safes
    ● Destroy all traces of financial & busniess activities,    personal details, emails, passwords, etc
    ● Securely remove customer, client, student, patient data

  • Sticking with XP?

    Sticking with XP?

    ● Stay protected against increasing malware attacks and data theft with our XP Privacy Pack.
    ● Keep your business & financial data, confidential docs, emails, passwords, photos, etc, in encrypted Safes
    ● Securely remove all your Internet and PC activity traces
    ● Protection against viruses, trojans, keyloggers, hackers

  • east-tec Eraser 2014

    east-tec Eraser 2014

    Helps you protect your personal data and privacy by securely erasing all evidence of your computer and Internet activities and traces. By deleting impressive amounts of unnecessary data, it will help you keep your PC clean improving your computer's overall performance and security.

  • east-tec DisposeSecure 5

    east-tec DisposeSecure 5

    Designed to completely and securely erase your hard drive, partitions or media devices. Booting from any media device makes it operating system independent while featuring a fast and efficient wiping process compliant with the latest industry data destruction standards and regulations.

  • east-tec InvisibleSecrets 4

    east-tec InvisibleSecrets 4

    A revolutionary cryptographic and steganography software that allows you to encrypt and hide your confidential information. More advanced features offer you the ability to encrypt and password protect your applications, generate and manage your passwords or encrypt your email.

  • Encryption Pack

    Encryption Pack

    Keep your sensitive information encrypted all the time whether it is stored locally or in the cloud, and make sure that all your communication containing confidential information is also securely encrypted and/or hidden by advanced steganography methods. Read More

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    • $99.90
    • $39.95*
    *Huge Discounts on all packs. Offer expires October 21, 2014
  • Total Security Pack

    Total Security Pack

    If you want to be fully protected both online and offline, erase all your traces, protect yourself against unauthorized data theft with military-strength encryption or work completely invisible to other users and programs, the Total Security Pack may be the right solution for you. Read More

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    • $174.80
    • $59.95*
    *Huge Discounts on all packs. Offer expires October 21, 2014
  • Online Privacy Protection Software - east-tec Eraser 2014

    east-tec Eraser 2014

    Securely erase your Internet and computer activities and traces, improve your computer’s performance, keep it clean and secure!

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    Limited Time Offer: 50% Off
  • Securely erase hard disk - east-tec DisposeSecure 5

    east-tec DisposeSecure 5

    Completely erase your hard drive data from old computers that you or your company resells, donates or removes from operation.

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    3 sanitizations for the price of 1
  • File Encryption Software - east-tec InvisibleSecrets 4

    east-tec InvisibleSecrets 4

    Encrypt file contents, hide files and emails, and prevent unwanted people from reading your private documents!

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    Limited Time Offer: 50% Off
  • Disk Encryption Software - east-tec SafeBit 4

    east-tec SafeBit 2

    Disk encryption software that helps you create encrypted virtual disk drives, where you can hide files and folders.

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    Limited Time Offer: 50% Off
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