EAST Technologies launches new east-tec Eraser 2011 privacy software

November, 2010 – With the growing economic concern and the threats to the global security, the need for a solution that offers individual protection from online traps and removal of online traces of one’s computer is more imperative than ever. Understanding the value and importance of keeping your photos, documents and valuable data private, EAST Technologies brings once more a software product meant to help you sleep without any worry that someone might use your information against you. The program protects all of your confidential information and data from online predators and represents a complex, yet easy to use tool, which removes all evidence of your computer and online activity.

Whether you’re a business person who needs to ensure that colleagues and customers cannot view sensitive information on your computer, a network administrator who wants to prevent prying eyes from viewing financial, competitive, or other private information on company machines, or a home user who wants to keep the kids from snooping at their parent’s files, east-tec Eraser 2011 has the tools that you need.

Many PC users are unaware of the fact that – without your knowledge or approval – Windows stores revealing information about you in temporary folders, Windows swap files, Internet history directories, cookies, deleted email messages and the shadow copies that are automatically turned on when Vista is installed . This information contains words and images that tell which web sites you’ve visited, which Instant Messaging conversations you’ve held, which chatroom conversations you’ve participated in, and lots of other information that you may not wish to become public. east-tec Eraser 2011 finds this information, and destroys it. Used regularly, east-tec Eraser 2011 can prevent identity theft, as well as bring you peace of mind by ensuring that your private information remains private. The program meets or exceeds all U.S. Department of Defense standards for permanently removing information from computers.

Different Internet browsers store private information in different places. east-tec Eraser 2011 works with all popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, America Online, MSN Explorer, and Opera. It also works with all of the popular peer-to-peer programs, including Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, iMesh, Napster, Morpheus, Direct Connect, Limewire, and Shareaza. In addition, east-tec Eraser 2011 supports ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Microsoft Office, Google Toolbar, and many other popular programs. The program knows where your computer has stored sensitive information, and deletes it, permanently.

Other new features in the latest release include a new graphical interface, support for dozens of popular applications (over 250 complex, added, updated or replaced applications). east-tec Eraser 2011 also lets you import and export options, making it easier to configure the program on multiple computers. You can opt not to show the files and folders being cleaned while the program is erasing your files. There are also additional ways to protect specified folders from being erased.

Whether you’re an inexperienced PC user or a power user who knows exactly what he wants from his security software, it’s easy to begin to benefit immediately from using east-tec Eraser 2011. You can either use the built-in Wizard – who walks you through the steps needed to protect your privacy and sensitive information – or just as well create user-defined erasure methods. Filters can be set to prevent specific data from being erased and the more advanced user can implement a password-protected system of permissions for each computer user. Critical folders (such as Windows or System32) are protected by default, against accidental erasure.

east-tec Eraser 2007 runs under Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT/Me/98, costs $49.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online at www.east-tec.com.

For more information, contact EAST Technologies at: Phone: 1-305-455-8122 (US), +43 650 8506061 (Germany), 04 42 631922 (France), +40 745 926200 (International), Email: office@east-tec.com, Internet: www.east-tec.com.

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