Safeguard data on removable devices or in the cloud

You can transfer your encrypted safes via email, upload or backup, move or copy them to external hard drives, USB sticks, smart cards or other portable devices or why not, upload them in the cloud (via DropBox, Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive) and take them with you, wherever you go, and continue to access your encrypted data anytime using east-tec SafeBit.

Our disk encryption solution gives you the power of taking your sensitive data anywhere you want without the fear of data loss, data breaches or theft.

Use USB & Flash Memory Cards as Keys

east-tec SafeBit gives you the option to save your hard disk encryption password on removable devices (such as USB sticks, flash drives, memory card, external hard drives, etc.). The password will be saved encrypted. If you save the password on a removable device, operations with your Safes will be much easier. All you will have to do is to connect the device and the Safe will open automatically. You will still be able to open the Safe manually by typing the password. When you disconnect the removable device, the Safe will close. You can decide to save your password later, from the Properties window.

Wiping a USB stick, removable drive or partition without booting

east-tec DisposeSecure has several modules: the Windows module, the network module and the DOS-boot module.

You will be able to permanently erase an entire thumb drive, USB drive, external hard drive, floppy disk or your local non-system partition with the Windows module.

After installing east-tec DisposeSecure, under Start -> Programs, go to “east-tec DisposeSecure” and double click it. One of the options is ‘Erase entire local hard drive/partition’. Select it, click Next and any device or partitions that appear in the list can be wiped except the system partition, where your current Windows installation is running from.