How to make an IP to IP password transfer

To make an IP to IP secure password transfer, please follow these steps:

  • Open east-tec InvisibleSecrets
  • Select IP-to-IP Secure Password Transfer from the main page.
  • Select the action for your computer:

The Receiver (the computer that is going to receive the password).

  • choose Receive Password.
  • click Next button to receive the password.

The Transmitter (the computer that is going to transmit the password).

  • choose Transmit Password.
  • type in the IP of the computer that acts as receiver.
  • type in the password to transmit.
  • click the Next button to transmit the password

Secure password transfer between two computers

This new function available in east-tec Invisible Secrets allows the secure transfer of passwords between two computers. The transfer is made using an encrypted Internet line. The computers are identified over the internet by IPs. At least one of the computers must have a global IP.

In this transfer process one computer will transmit the password – it will be the transmitter – and one computer will receive the password – it will be the receiver. The transmitter must know the IP of the computer that receives the password.

This function might not work properly if you are behind a firewall. Port 10000 must be opened.