What happens when my subscription expires?

When your subscription expires, you will still be able to use the version of the product you are entitled to (the last version released before your subscription end date) as long as you want, but you will not be entitled to receive updates and upgrades for free anymore.

However, you can extend / renew your subscription anytime or contact us for more details.

To have an active subscription is important because that guarantees regular, up-to-date protection for your privacy. Our developer team keeps adding new applications to the software’s database, so that your privacy remains protected after using them. Just like it is with an anti-virus, it is important to keep the program’s database as relevant as possible by receiving updates. Your online and offline activity traces accumulate quickly, leaving a large amount of highly sensitive information lying around on your PCs hard drive and in your browser. If that sensitive data doesn’t get removed on a regular basis, you risk of compromising your Internet and PC privacy.

How can I keep my data encrypted in Dropbox?

It is not enough to have your data away from falling into the wrong hands, by encrypting it into a virtual safe. If you lose your data, even YOU won’t have access to it. For example, if your laptop gets stolen, your data will be safe because it is encrypted and only you know the password. But, you won’t have access to this data anymore if you didn’t back it up. And we suppose it’s very important data, if you encrypted it.

Let’s suppose you back up your data frequently on external devices. But, you cannot be sure you always have the latest version in the backup, without an automated process.

A good combination of both BACKUP and ENCRYPTION is the use of a service like Dropbox that provides automatic syncronization with files and folders you choose from your computer. In other words, if you change one or more files, they are automatically updated in Dropbox.

In short, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Encrypt your data in a virtual safe using east-tec SafeBit. For more information, read the product documentation.
  2. The virtual safe you created above is actually stored in a single file, located somewhere on your hard drive (you choose the location of this file).
  3. Sign up for an account on Dropbox
  4. Sychronize your Dropbox folders with the folder where you saved your east-tec SafeBit virtual drive file.
  5. Whenever you make changes to the contents of the virtual drive and after you unmount it, the encrypted data will automatically be updated in the cloud, too.

Does east-tec SafeBit also encrypt file names and folder names?

Yes. The entire file system within a east-tec SafeBit volume is encrypted (including file names, folder names, and contents of every file). This applies to both virtual east-tec SafeBit safes and to east-tec SafeBit – encrypted partitions/devices.

How secure are my files after encrypting them?

east-tec InvisibleSecrets uses government-level 256-bit AES On-the-fly encryption (also known as Rijndael) to encrypt and protect your data. This is one of the most secure encryption algorithms. Secret files are highly secure. It also uses word leader industry standards such as the 256-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm which is a highly secure method to protect your sensitive files.