What does “Activation Key” mean?

The Activation Key is a string of numbers and letters which is used to activate a carrier or algorithm library

A “carrier” is a file in which you can hide data using specific methods. Carriers are usually multimedia files (images, sounds, or even web pages). This file will not look suspicious, because the data is hidden very well inside the “carrier”.

Since the structure of the algorithm and carrier libraries are public, someone could use these libraries to extract data from carriers or make a program which searches for data in carriers.

So, in order to secure these libraries, we have implemented a security system based on activation keys.

The keys are generated from a password, known only by the developer of the library. The library is activated with the call of a function which has the password as a parameter. If the password is wrong the library will not function. Only east-tec Invisible Secrets knows how to convert the password to an activation key or vice versa. If a developer wants to make his library public, he also makes the activation key public but not the password. So if the attacker doesn’t know the password, he can’t use the library.

The activation keys are generated in the Options Dialog Box.

What is “Subject to Activation”?

While creating the CD/DVD or ISO image, you will see “Subject to Activation” under the Sanitization/Boot Disk label.

This means that, when you boot from the CD/DVD, you will have to enter an Answer key to proceed further. This Answer Key is uniquely associated to a Protection Key that is displayed when you boot from the CD/DVD (each time you boot, another Protection Key is provided that corresponds to a different Answer Key). This Answer Key can be obtained from a special URL provided to you on the screen. Therefore, you must obtain this Answer Key from a web browser on another device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) with an active Internet connection.

Obtaining an Answer Key when booting from a CD/DVD

When you use a CD/DVD to boot and erase a disk, you will be asked to enter an Answer Key.

IMPORTANT: Do not restart the computer when DisposeSecure is asking for an Answer key. This is because each time you boot your computer a new “Protection Key” is generated and each “Answer Key” is unique for each unique Protection Key.

For getting an Answer Key: leave the computer on the Answer Key prompt and write down the link and the Protection Key that appear on the screen.

Please use an alternative computer or a mobile Internet device to visit the link that appears in the DOS screen and enter the Protection Key on the web page. You will receive an Answer key immediately.

Enter the Answer Key on the computer that you booted using the bootable CD/DVD. You can now continue the sanitization process.