How To Prevent ID Theft And Data Breach During The Thanksgiving Traveling-Madness

How to prevent ID theft and data breach during the Thanksgiving traveling-madness?

Thanksgiving is all about family and friends; it’s almost like an early Christmas. No wonder that an estimated 25 million Americans are expected to fly out to visit their loved ones this year, looking forward to have a good time together. Until they arrive to enjoy the much anticipated turkeys and pies and parade, the rigors travelling during such peak periods brings, may try even the most experienced pilgrims. And in recent years it’s not only been the rush to catch the crowded flights, the juggling with heavy luggage at busy airports and the usual hassle associated with such journeys travellers have had to face. Laptop theft and loss have also been on the constant rise, so have data and identity theft as a result of using unsecured, or unofficial WiFi connections at airports.

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