Giving Away Copies Of Secrets When Using Copy Machines

Giving away copies of secrets when using copy machines

What is the common risk in having your documents photocopied or scanned at your local copy center, having your medical records faxed to you, and passing on or disposing of digital copy machines you own and use in your office?  Read on to find out how copiers can be a source of trouble both for owners and copy center customers.

It might come as a surprise, but most digital copy machines have powerful hard drives, just like computers do. Hard drives help them work faster by enabling multi-tasking or job queuing. But hard drives also store digital image copies of everything these multifunctional devices copy, print, scan, or email. And just like it is risky to leave sensitive information on computer hard drives unerased, it is a serious privacy hazard to do the same when it comes to copy machines.

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