Go Green And Donate Your Old Computer, But Not Your Data

Go Green And Donate Your Old Computer

When the time comes to upgrade your old PC, do not trash it. If it is still in good shape, you can donate it straight away to non-profits, educational institutions, or may even drop it at your local library. If it needs some repair, you can get it refurbished, and then pass it on.

The point is, by not sending your PC to the landfills, you do a lot to save the environment. If we all went that extra mile, e-waste would much less be a subject of concern.

Donate your computer, but not your data

Before donating your PC, do make sure you do not leave unerased data on it! Wipe your entire hard drive, using a security solution such as east-tec DisposeSecure. Even the most advanced forensic experts will not be able to recover your data wiped with our software product.

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