Michael Hawes: My Two Sons Grew Up With east-tec Eraser

Michael Hawes: A Wonderful Romanian Program For Securely Deleting Michael Hawes is a long time PC user with extensive experience and knowledge. Catching a hacker red-handed once made him realize the crucial need for protecting one’s privacy while using a PC and surfing the Internet by removing Windows and Internet activity leftovers. After an extensive research into security matters he bought our east-tec Eraser in 2003. He firmly believes that “this program would put a measurable dent in certain areas of cyber crime” if more people used it. When asked about his user experience, he said: “(the software works) in a logical, useful manner so a user could easily keep up to speed with its interface and capabilities”. He is also pleased with the fact that “the new versions always addressed new needs without my having to lobby for these features”. And it’s not only him in the family that uses the product, but his two sons do, too: “Privacy Guard is the last thing they do before every session at their computers as a matter of habit since I first got the software in 2003.” Michael has kindly shared a full review with us he has written on east-tec Eraser. Please read it here.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am from Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Your company name?

Stochastic Scintillae – the musings of a cherokee swede

How old are you?


What can you tell us about your professional experience?

Letter-Carrier for Canada Post for past 29 years, previously a Banker, a Pipe-fitter and a Cook.

Where did you hear about east-tec Eraser?

I found it on my own after searching for such a utility

What other competitors did you evaluate before testing/purchasing our east-tec Eraser?

I cannot recall any serious competitors for this type of software at the time I first found it.

Why do you need a utility like east-tec Eraser? Which features do you think help you the most and why?

When I first purchased east-tec Eraser, I was sharing my computer with two of my sons as we could afford only one box. They gamed, e-mailed, Skyped and did a lot of p2p downloading. I researched to learn about computers in general and security in particular. Soon I began a web-site and started doing my banking and other business on the computer. In time I began reviewing software on my website with a focus on what worked well with XP, my first platform. At one point, early on in my computer experience I noticed strange behavior on my computer. I suspected I had been invaded by a Remote Access Trojan. I opened a blank text file on my desk-top and wrote a note to the attacker with a request to move m! y mouse in a certain way if they could see my note in real time. The interloper complied and from that point I was able to prove to two doubting sons that such things existed and that security was no small matter as the world moved farther into cyber-space. I took some doing to get the Trojan out and it was around this time that I went searching for a way to securely delete all the Windows tracks as a matter of safety, privacy and of plain maintenance due to the small size of hard drives in those days which quickly filled with leftovers.The features I use most are Privacy Guard and Erase Deleted Data. My two sons grew up with East-tec Eraser and as far as I know Privacy Guard is the last thing they do before every session at their computers as a matter of habit since I first got the software in 2003.

How often do you use our product?

At least once a week

Where do you use east-tec Eraser?


What is your general opinion about east-tec Eraser?

East-tec Eraser is a wonderful program and in my book an essential program for all but the most uninformed users. In my opinion, more people using this program would put a measurable dent in certain areas of cyber crime. the software came up through its versions since 2003, when I first got to know it, in a logical, useful manner so a user could easily keep up to speed with its interface and capabilities. In my case, I found that the new versions always addressed new needs without my having to lobby for these features. This is important in today’s world of shysters and quick cash. When I have ever had to contact and interact with staff at East-tec, I have always found them to be human, well-informed, professional, patient and possessing integrity, h! onor and technical ability beyond what I usually encountered in similar interchanges with dozens and dozens of other companies and their products. I call it old-fashioned though it will never go out of fashion. If a person is going to make something, it should be made well and it shouild be improved upon if it needs to be. If it is good as can be at what it does it should be left alone and not dressed up with useles glitter. A person can be proud to own what another person was proud to build, sell and stand behind. I felt good about buying Eraser in 2003 and I feel just as good about it today. I have only two other pieces of software that I could say the same about, out of hundreds.

What is east-tec Eraser lacking the most? How can this product be improved?

I think of east-tec Eraser as a security utility or a “sectility”, if you will allow me to coin a term. As such, I myself would not add more to the tool than is necessary to perform the original function it was designed for. Of course, it must stay abreast of new platforms, new software traces and such but these are merely adaptations to make the hammer drive differently formed nails. It is still a hammer, not a paint brush. Therefore, I do not find it lacking.

What poses the greatest fear of discovery on your computer?

Over time my computer has become my banker, my pile of manuscripts, poetry, reviews and essays, my photo album and my telephone. My scanner and printer have taken over making and filling out forms for everything from fishing licenses to dental re-imbursements, to managing my work holidays and work related business. Information is power and to hand that power to just anyone is careless. To recycle a computer without securely deleting the hard drives would be like selling your personal desk without removing your papers first. Careless and inviting criminals to invent new crimes. The issue is simply privacy and thus I would place the same value on all information or data on my computer.

Where do you feel your computer and online privacy is at the highest risk?

I feel that outside of my computer being hacked by a Trojan, root-kit or such, that the highest risk are is the means with which I connect to the internet, that is my web browser. Since I haven’t crafted this software I am at the mercy of those who have and those who understand the nuts and bolts of this particular species of code.

What other software solutions would you like us to offer you?

How about a truly secure paid-for browser for a specific purpose such as banking only. Crafted to work only for one person and for one purpose.

Would you recommend east-tec Eraser to your friends or coworkers?


Any other comments would be greatly appreciated…

Please read my review of East-tec Eraser.