Listen To Why Michael Hawes Trusts East-Tec Since 2003

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Let me introduce Michael Hawes, a writer, podcaster, music creator, editor of Stochastic Scintillae and a longtime user of east-tec Eraser, who firmly believes that using a computer without our software is one of the most irresponsible things one can do in today’s tech orientated world.

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Michael Hawes: My Two Sons Grew Up With east-tec Eraser

Michael Hawes: A Wonderful Romanian Program For Securely Deleting Michael Hawes is a long time PC user with extensive experience and knowledge. Catching a hacker red-handed once made him realize the crucial need for protecting one’s privacy while using a PC and surfing the Internet by removing Windows and Internet activity leftovers. After an extensive research into security matters he bought our east-tec Eraser in 2003. He firmly believes that “this program would put a measurable dent in certain areas of cyber crime” if more people used it. When asked about his user experience, he said: “(the software works) in a logical, useful manner so a user could easily keep up to speed with its interface and capabilities”. Read More

Jack Sayers: east-tec Eraser Is An Excellent, Reliable And Easy-To-Use Software Tool

Jack Sayers: east-tec Eraser is an excellent, reliable and easy-to-use software tool that can efficiently operate in the background

Jack Sayers is a retired chartered engineer with extensive general management experience in manufacturing and government enterprises. He has been using our east-tec Eraser product once a week since 2008. One of its features he wanted to highlight was that it “can operate in the background without interfering with other work processes” and one important area he uses it for is “cleaning up superfluous data which clutter the hard drive and ultimately slows responsiveness”. When asked to sum up his thoughts about the product he responded by saying: “A reliable and efficient software tool which is very easy and efficient to use.”

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Brian Groves: east-tec Eraser Is One Of The Few Software Programs That Perform As Stated

Brian Groves: east-tec Eraser is one of the few software programs that perform as stated

Brian Groves is a retired IT school teacher and as such, is especially aware of not only PC and Internet privacy issues, but the need for reliable privacy protection software. He tried several other products, including CCleaner, before testing and buying east-tec Eraser 10 years ago. He has been so satisfied with what east-tec Eraser does that has been regularly using it ever since for various purposes, for instance “to remove problems that anti-virus software couldn’t remove” or “to maintain faster starting ability and general smooth operation with less system errors”. And as good things are to be shared, it is not only Brian who uses east-tec Eraser in the family, but his good wife too, is one happy customer!

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Daniel Rockmore: I Have Complete Control Over The Security And Privacy Of My Computer Data

Daniel Rockmore: I Have Complete Control Over The Security And Privacy Of My Computer Data

Daniel Rockmore is a retired Senior Executive of JPMorgan Chase with extensive experience in the use of computers and software products. He has been a customer of east-tec Eraser since 2007. He explains his need and interest in our product: “I use my computers to perform extensive financial analysis and I am extremely interested in permanent data removal when information is no longer needed.”

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Daniel A Rockmore, I’am 76 and I live in the United States.

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